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When you think about renovations and interior design, you may think about homes and smaller properties. Houses are not the only spaces that need revamping and renovation by a general contractor; Amazing Renovated Interiors provides high-quality interior designing options for large buildings ensuring the highest level of service every time.

Our Mission

With more than 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to what we can provide for our clients in and around Villa Park, Aurora and Naperville. Our commitment to high-quality interior construction is second to none in the industry, completing every project that we take on in a timely and efficient manner.

Amazing Renovated Interiors was formed by Paul Goff Jr. and James T. March, in 1995 in the suburbs of Chicago. The same beliefs that we were founded on are still implemented throughout the work that we perform today. We do not believe in just doing a project. We believe in exceeding expectations every time; every project that we do is our best project.

Who We Work With

Amazing Renovated Interiors works with clients located in “A” and “B” rated buildings throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Typically, the buildings that we provide service to are in the healthcare, retail, commercial, and hotel industries.

Our interior services allow for spectacular renovations, transforming your building from ordinary into extraordinary. We believe in partnering for perfection, stopping at nothing until we feel that our mission is completed.

When you choose Amazing Renovated Interiors, you get valued engineers who strive to maintain the quality of your project, so your results are what you wanted. There is nothing that makes us feel more successful than satisfied clients. If we can contribute to your happiness, we have done our jobs right.